Explore and learn the fretboard, Chords, Scales & sounds. StringMaster supports Acoustic & Electric Guitar (6 & 7 String) Bass (4 & 5 String), Banjo (4 & 5 String), Ukulele, and Mandolin Right or left handed, or upside down.
Easy-to-use Song Writer recommends which chords sound best together. Record songs, transpose Key, change instrument, show chords and notes.
Select a chord on one instrument, then display the equivalent chord pattern and fingering on any of the other many instruments.
Chord Detection, MIDI output, Sampled sound, Modifiable reference frequency, Open Alternate Tuning
Now with integrated Tuner and Metronme.

"Wahou!!! Perfect... I'm keeping this on my iPad..."

StringMaster Manual

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Supports iPad 2 or above with IOS 6 or above. Over 120,000 users.

For inquiries or requests for future features, please feel free to email us.

*Optimised for iPad Retina Display